Thursday, April 29, 2010


Your letters are ready. Be sure to picke them up TODAY!!

We have a deadline.

Be responsible!!

I am counting on you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



It't not looking good, many of you did not submit your first draft as I requested. You know who you are!!

Now that means that today we need to get the authorization/letters out and you have to show me what you have to show the business at the first meeting.

To facilitate this process I have placed a file called project contact in the CIS trasfer folder. The first student to come to class is to open the file and fill in his/her information and then each other student entering is to update the same file. I will have a hard copy version that you are also to fill in. This is my backup.

The information from this form will be used to create the letter that you will have by the end of class.

You are to take that letter with you to the firm, it is then to be stamped and signed by the contact at the firm.

All signed/stamped letters are to be returned to me by Friday of this week.
Failure to adhere to these regulations is not advised.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 26 - April 30 2010

Good Morning ... Good Morning... Good Morning!!

I would like to clear up a little detail here relating to that 5 points extra...AHA

Some of my students did not know that it was in reference to our 2 online classes that was actually scheduled for 6 am and 7 pm Wednesday night. It was not a regular class.

Sadly I would not give you extra points for showing up to a regular class
- WEEELll it is your duty!!

As for an online class that requires you going the extra mile
( some people on dusty road hee hee)
I appreciate the effort. Then I don' feel like I wasted my money to buy the program for you nor wasting my evening when I could be doing something else.

I acknowledge your input and reward accordingly.

Keep in mind that the product that allows me to provide online lessons expires on April 27th so we will all have to meet before that at least once just for the experience.

Having said all that we now move to our class schedule for next week. TA DAAA!!

Next week we will be dealing with case studies that you will analyse from your unique perspective. Note that this is not to be confused with common sense approach. I will be looking for facts relating to Information technology devices, practices and procedures. They all will need to be applied in every situation.

You should have the web page requirements ready for you first visit on Monday.
This means at 10:00 am I want to see what you have to present to these firms. Then you will be given the go ahead and a letter stating the details and requirements of this project. Take it seriously as it is the final project for your class and plays an important role in your final and overall performance in this class. Keep in mind also that it is your introduction to the workforce. A time to make you mark. DO THE BEST THAT YOU CAN AND YOU WILL REAP THE REWARDS. I have always told you that I expect great things from you. The problem now is that I have told the business community and they now also expect great things from you TAA DAA "No TELL me yu gud... SHOW ME!!

On Monday we will be having a test on chapter 9.
Wednesday we continue with chapter 10
Thursday Test Chapter 10

Again class I am satisfied with your pace and performance in class don't go getting lazy on my now.


1. I need to review that employee database to ensure that it includes all the fields necessary for the SJC sample application form.

2. I need to see that you have put in place a mechanisms to edit the field as required by a business from time to time.

3. I need to see a sampling of the reports that can be produced and that there is a way of adding various reports as may be needed from time to time.

4. I need to see that the security features we discussed are addressed.

5. All that I mentioned above needs to be reflected in the user manual.

6. I need to see the user manual.

7. And most importantly I need some test data entered. As I will give scenarios that your database must address and be able to handle.

I want all this on Monday as we are running out of time. You are now in the heart of your project when we will needs to test make adjustments and retest be prepared it is the most frustrating part but I know you can handle it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey guys sorry not really feeling up to my cheery self all upset about this Heartland Trip cause it's just not working out for me. I don't want you all to see me down and grumpy. That's not the Ms. Cooper you know so... I'll need to reschedule.

SO Sowwy...

Oh if you came drop me a comment for 5 extra points.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

WWW Update

Good Morning All

A lovely Sunday Morning it is. I hope you will find some time today to go to church and thank God for all his wonderful blessings. If not be sure to thank him quietly in your heart. He has blessed us all and we must never forget that we exist because of him.

My update for today is a gentle reminder. You all know the companies you have been assigned to. You are to (on your own) research the following information that will be needed for your Web page -

1. Company Name (Check the spelling in case I got it wrong)
2. Location - address
3. Phone number -
4. Services offered
5. Opening Hours
6. Color scheme (Some may already have)
7. Logo
8. Motto
9. Mission Statement
10.Possible layout and links
11. Picture of the outside of the Establishment.

That's step one
I want to see all that on Monday.
By then I will give you more details after I have consulted with Mr. Espat on the status of our project.

Remember all this is necessary so that when you meet your company representative you have something tangible that you can deliver. Keep in mind that you will be expected to edit your page to meet the specific requirements of the "client". I expect you to be patient, courteous and helpful. This is a hand wash hand exercises you will be providing a web page for them and they will be providing you with valuable experience in dealing with people and meeting their needs and expectation is a timely fashion. I have all the faith in the world that you will do well. Don't let me down. Do not come to class unprepared!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

April 19-23 2010

Ok we have reached the end of this crazy week.

Here is the update on what to expect next week!!


You have all been assigned a company and you all know which it is.
In case you "PLAY FORGET" I will post a listing of companies and the names of those assigned to it.

YMCA- Mangar
MIRAGE - Revers
DOONEY'S - Perez
HABET & HABET - Powton

I am in the process of officially getting in contact with these companies, this activity will be done through the office of Advancement with the assistance of Mr. David Espat.

You will be given an update or status report including when you are to officially visit the assigned company. Until then you are to do your own research and come up with a sample of your own. This will be used to give your "CLIENT" a feel of what you can offer. later I expect you to personalize it with pictures of the site and employees and products/services etc.

Come prepared with information to work on it Monday.

You have been assigned a project due for presentation on Wed. so I will take it easy on you so...

Class discussion - Graded activity so...check engrade and see how much none participation gets you then come prepared to partake in my discussion.

Wednesday: PP Presentation I will post an update with
specifics for you on Monday.

Keep in mind the following:
1. Group participation is expected.
2. It is to be done in Power Point.
3. You must be ready to present on Wed.


Presentations continue.


Chapter 9

Chapter 9 continued

Test Chapter 9


Get ready the day is here

PRACTICAl ...yea

You will have the following 2 activities to complete during class time.

1. A feed back form

its a TABLE that has a place for name comments email address checkbox radio buttons and a dropdown list

2. A complex table page

it includes a picture inside a cell texts of various sizes and attributes and thats it!!!

Both activities combined will make up 100% ten percent for each requirement. I am sure you got this and you are ready!!!.

Only thing I wonder .... are you good enough to complete it during class time.

If you are not done by class time then you will be graded only on what you complete. Taa Daaa!!

If you were thinking of missing today. DON'T

If you know of someone who was gonna miss - let them know its NOT a good idea..

See you later ..

Oh the samples will be handed out on hardcopy hee hee.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chapter 7

Below is the link for chapter 7

All those who have done 7 can move to chapter 8

As usual when you are done call me. If I see or feel that you are cheating I will give you the printed version. IT IS NOT THE SAME

Friday, April 9, 2010

April 12-17 2010

Ok as I just discussed with my 1:00 pm class I will be giving online grading assessments to make up for the classes that I will not be able to have with you next week.

Here is my schedule and that is followed by your schedule.

I have done my best to ensure that you are not cheated out of your time, so for the online assessments you can use your
notes, slides, Internet and any other research you need

- AHA there is a catch!!
It can't be all free.. hee hee.
It will be a TIMED exercises, so prepare fully,
answer what you can and if only IF you need help then RESEARCH.

Saturday I need to go on a trip with Mr. Stiker and his class.

On Monday I need to go a doctor's appointment to get some tests done.
(stop stress me out- study and do my work)

Tuesday I need to go to Belmopan for another appointment at the US Embassy.
(School related of course)

ALL Classes will therefor have one 1 hour online graded activity.

This activity is to be done over the weekend so that you need not come to class on Monday or Tuesday.

Class schedule for WED -FRI

Chapter 9

MS Word review/ Excel review

Web page update
Class activity

Submit/review Draft

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



It's so nice to be back after that well deserved break.
I trust that you were all good!!

I have good news and I have bad news!!

Bad news first.
I have no Internet so my posts might not be as frequent as I'd like them to be but where there is a WILL there is a WAY and I WILL find and WAY to make it work!!

Well I am here at school waiting for my INT 211 only to find out I am a day early hee hee.

So here is the agenda for this week.

INT 211

Discussion questions that will be posted between today and noon tomorrow. Please research and be prepared. Hint!! I don't want to be mean and have to resort to a written activity so work with me people.

CIS 120

Various sections are at various places I plan on fixing that this week so we continue as planned chapter 8 is the assigned chapter for this week.


You were to be working on your web page project. Not the one we use for in class activities the one that will be graded as a final project. I want to take a look at that tomorrow. Have it ready I will come by as usual and check them individually. While I am doing that the class will have a in class practical. I will have specifics of a page that you are to create during class time.

Prepare for the following: (20 points each)

A Table
Radio buttons
Text box and password elements
focus event


I need an status report. Indicate progress, obstacles, constraints, percent completed and plan of action.

TAA DAAA that's all for now. I hope you are as excited to be back as I am. WOO HOO!!